How it works

Grace the PhotoTank is a friendly girl, and loves all the attention she receives; she is the hostess and warrants a marvelous time for all her guests! Having “fun” in her eyes means you grabbing your friends (family member or lover), seize some groovy props and take a seat! Cuddle up inside Grace’s welcome embrace, act like a hot potato, let the cat out of the bag, then put your worst (or if you want to, your best) foot forward. Finish of your cool dynamic pose with a press of the button 5 Second waiting time) and step outside.

Your photo will be printed when you step outside, and you will be ready to burn the midnight oil with a memory keepsake of this special event for you to cherish.



Professional Quality

Here at PhotoTank photo Kombi Booth, we like to keep things professional.
We are a husband and wife photography and videography team, who provide quality service to all our customers. We mainly shoot weddings, and we think we’re really rather good! Don’t just take our word for it; check out the testimonials and galleries on our website

All in all, we know a thing or two about quality photographs, as well as beautiful videography and we have ensured that our beloved Grace, the mobile Kombi Booth, is kitted out with professional grade equipment.

At the end of the day we are blessed in our experiences and fortunate to live the life we have, and its all thanks to God’s amazing grace.



Did anybody said props?

You bring the attitude and great smile, we’ll bring the props. Geeky glasses, silly hats, moustaches, even some funky hair wigs for the bold among us. There’s so many to choose from, and we are always looking for new ones. You and your guests will love Grace’s box of fun props. There is really something for all and sundry, from the more traditional of you to the one who has no shame - there is always one in the pack, after all!

Want something custom designed? Tell us your ideas!




Is my venue suitable?

Essentially, we can park Grace anywhere that can accommodate a van sized vehicle. Grace will need access to power, as despite being a 70’s child, she needs more than mind-blowing mojo to run her insides. Many function centres and outdoor venues are generally suitable. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain all the required permissions from the event venue, and to arrange an appropriate space for PhotoTank to be parked at your event. PhotoTank requires a minimum 4m long x 2m wide x 2m high space and access to a pwer socket.


OK I want you bad! How do I book?

So you have made it this far? Good for you, we knew you were smart intelligent peeps. Well fortunately booking us is pretty easy.

Just follow this link