Grace's Story - The Journey so far

Hi my name is Grace aka PHOTOTANK. I am a 1978 baby, and approaching the naughty forties. I can’t remember much of my first years, although I do remember some of the classics (like Bob Dylan, Van Halen, Beatles, Aerosmith and the Rolling stones) that my first owner used to listen.

We (My owner and I) lived in the Old Transvaal and loved f ishing. I loved cruising to beautiful sceneries just chillaxing and seeing sunsets and sunrises that was too many to remember.

New beginnings

I was surprised to learn that my owner was kind enough to let me go and earn a living with a dynamic lady from Cape Town. Change is as good as a holiday and my new heart (New fuel injected 2Litre engine) was just what I needed to explore the beautiful Western Cape. I was going to be a successful branding machine for her company, but live don’t always work out as we envision.

Although free spirited she had to succumb to doing the J O B thing, and slowly but surely our time was limited to maybe an outing now and then. This resulting that I was standing in a garage and feeling sorry for myself, while some people helped them to my energy Juice, and I was always empty whenever she needed me.

The Western Cape weather also made work on my tan, however too much sun is not good for any girl’s complexion and I was praying for a new lease on live.

Meanwhile a photography couple in Gauteng prayed for inspiration and God answered Dewald with inspiration and vision to buy a classic kombi and converting it into a mobile photo booth. His wife was a little bit suspicious but when she saw my photos she instantly fell in love with me. With a spirit of adventure they organised a babysitter and flew to Cape Town.

A previous couple (Robert and Monique) who they did wedding photography for and who over the years became very dear friends picked them up. They went out like the wild flowers they are and partied up a storm.

First Contact

It was time for first contact, and I don’t know who was more nervous, me or my new soon to be owners.

My owner (previous) drove past the meeting place and I saw them for the first time, they really looked interested in me, every little inch was inspected AND I KNEW that I was going to be loved and cherished by them. Rindi bought me a new petrol lock to make sure nobody ever steel my juice again. I liked them. They talked and sang a lot and and even stopped next to the road for a photoshoot (my first one) on our way home. They also didn’t mind freezing at night and sweating during the day, and never stopped smiling on their way back to Gauteng. We travelled back from Cape Town to Pretoria without a speedometer and I heard a lot of time Rindi saying she is sure were going over the speed limit. I didnt give them any trouble and the future looked bright. Arriving in Gauteng I was inspected and bar a few problems that was fixed, a new outside jacket and a new name, I was ready for my next adventure.

The road ahead

Bringing pleasure, laughter and memories to weddings, corporate events and children is my new lease on live that I am going to take with both hands (four wheels), and I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me, wherever the roads may take us.